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About The Center For Psychology

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The Center for Psychology opened in 2009. Since that time, we have developed a reputation of compassion and trust, and are known for offering quality and professional care throughout the community. 

Our referrals come from current and past patients, local health care professionals, and health insurance companies. We frequently collaborate with other medical professionals and are committed to supporting the wellbeing of the local community. 

The Center for Psychology is an active participant in the Lee County Medical Society and Collier County Medical Society Physician Wellness Programs.  


Psychological services, like most forms of treatment, can have risks and benefits. Since therapy often involves discussing challenging aspects of your life, you may experience uncomfortable feelings. However, the benefits are that therapy can help you develop healthy coping strategies, find solutions to specific problems, improve relationships, and reduce feelings of distress. There are no guarantees as to what you will experience, but coming in is the first step towards helping yourself or your child. 

After you submit the new client form, your information will be reviewed by the Psychologists at The Center For Psychology to determine which of our experienced psychologists will best fit your treatment needs. You will then be contacted by our office staff to schedule your Intake appointment. If the appointment is for a child under the age of 18, it is necessary for a parent or legal guardian to attend. 

The Intake appointment  is a 45-minute clinical assessment and is designed to obtain background information and to identify treatment needs and goals. Your therapist will offer ideas about their general approach to treatment. Since an important ingredient in a successful treatment is the relationship with the therapist, you should evaluate how comfortable you feel and whether you are ready to make a commitment to treatment. Please do not hesitate to ask questions and know that you may decline any part of your treatment, request another therapist, or seek treatment elsewhere.  

At The Center For Psychology, we believe that you deserve the best quality care. For that reason, you will meet directly with the treating psychologist every time you attend an appointment. At the end of the clinical assessment, you and your psychologist will discuss future appointments and treatment options. 

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